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The Art Cellar Gallery Continues 2021 Summer Season with a Show for Zoey Brookshire

Geisha by Zoey Brookshire

Emotion is a driving force behind both creating art as well as perceiving it. Many artists seek to reflect certain emotions through their work. Some artists choose to leave emotion out of the creative results in order for the audience to foster their own response to a piece. 

The Art Cellar Gallery is proud to represent artists of various creative styles. Our 2021 Summer Show Schedule gives collectors the opportunity to explore the creative nuances that make each of our artists unique. This week, we will be hosting a solo exhibition for Zoey Brookshire. Zoey has made a name for herself over a thirty-five year exhibition history, which includes 22 solo and 45 group exhibitions. Her honors include a prestigious South Carolina Fellowship in Visual Arts as well as numerous project grants. 

Zoey’s work stands out with large, provocative-moody pieces that traverse themes of dark and light. Her paintings leave the door open for the viewer to generate their own emotional response to each piece; all are packed with abstract imagery inspired by marked experiences from her past and present. 

“Painting, for me, is above all an opportunity to explore the world through imagination. Living as I do in the Blue Ridge Mountains the wonder of the landscape has become a talisman, a never-ending line of communication that nourishes my work as an artist. Even my most abstract works are informed by the presence of trees, the streams that run beneath them and the clouds above them. The wind moving above waving grass tells me how gesture brings life to patterns while the smallest nub of winter-burned grass becomes a lesson in texture. I have watched deer moving through the forest and I have invited them to become part of the work as well. Birds are always welcome and the magic of rain. And the human world: the celebration of the ‘little black dress’ tied to the memory of a perfume my grandmother once wore. The beloved cats that have shared my life and the deep pleasure in knowing a small dog. All these things and more have found their way into my very dreams and have in turn found their way into my paintings. 

Magic. Above all other things, I hope to bring a bit of magic to the people who may see my work: the magic of transformation – an everyday affair that is a great gift for all of us here on this lovely planet.” – Zoey Brookshire 

The exhibition for Zoey Brookshire will be held at The Art Cellar Gallery Monday, May 31 through Saturday, June 12. Join for a chance to interact with Zoey and her artwork at an open house on Saturday, June 5 from 4 to 6pm. The Art Cellar Gallery has prepared a very exciting line-up for this summer season which will feature other artists including Carolyn Blaylock, William Dunlap, Tony Griffin, Gregory Smith, Noyes Capehart and Raymond Chorneau. Visit www.artcellargallery.com for a full season schedule!