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The Addams Family (Snap, Snap) Will be Performed this Weekend by the Breathtaking Beanstalk Community Theatre



By Elly Murray

Get ready to have your socks knocked off by a twist on an old classic, the Addams Family, being performed this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday by the Beanstalk Community Theatre!

Snap along to the catchy tunes as you enjoy the new story, which Terry Woolard, a board member and former president of the Beanstalk Community Theatre, describes as having, “a little more depth and humor. It’s got great music and it’s just a fun piece.”

He goes on to say that, “it takes place a little bit later than your traditional Addams Family stories. Wednesday has grown, she’s older, over 18, and she is bringing a new boy to meet the family. And he’s not from the same type of family as the Addams Family. So of course there’s the meet the parents type hijinks that occurs.”

Woolard is often in the background of Beanstalk’s productions, working sets and helping direct. However, this time he and his lovely daughter, Katelyn Woolard, have auditioned for two of the most important parts in the play, Gomez and Wednesday Addams. Terry is excited for it, and says, “My daughter is playing Wednesday, so real-life father and daughter are playing father and daughter in a show.”

He also says that she was the one that got him interested in theatre again, “About five years ago she wanted to audition for a Beanstalk show, and asked me to audition with her. So I did, and we were cast in that show together and since then I just got more and more involved in the theatre. She’s done many more shows with me, and has been a pioneer playmaker at the high school, and is heading off to college here in a few weeks to study musical theatre. So this will be the last show we ever do together.”

Other members of the cast include: Jordan Rucker as the elegant Morticia, Noah Johnson as Lucas, Aidan Beane as Pugsley, Baron Cooper as Lurch, Gavin McGee as Mal, Lindsay Masland as Alice, Joseph Miller as Thing, Alexandra Newmark as Cousin It, Chris Watson as Fester, Susan Lyons as Grandma, Mason Blevins as Young Gomez, Peyton Walton as Young Morticia, and Andrew Cole as Lurch .5. 

The cast members had their first run through of the whole production two nights ago, which really got everyone excited, “We’ve done some in our rehearsals, but this is the first one we did on the stage that we’ll be performing on. It went very well, very excited. So much fun.”

The Beanstalk Community Theatre also has several other performances lined up for the next year, including One Act Weekend, where high schoolers get a chance to perform their own 15 minute plays. Woolard says that it, “helps them get experience that they normally can’t get anywhere else  at that young age.”

Other performances include Almost Main, which, according to Woolard is a “very funny comedy. It’s a series of little stories about people’s lives that all kind of collide.” Next spring, they’ll perform Doublewide Texas, “a Southern comedy.” And then they have the summer production for next year all picked out, a classic rendition of Beauty and the Beast.

Beanstalk Community Theatre is a non profit organization, and Woolard says that, “Currently Beanstalk Community Theatre is a theatre without a home. We’re looking for property, if anybody out there has land or a building they want to donate for us, we’d love to have our own theatre. That could make us much more profitable and allow us to perform more shows. The production of a show, a large part of the cost is the venue that we have to rent to perform the shows.”

For this performance, Beanstalk Community Theatre has rented out the Watauga High School auditorium. There is no charge for parking at the high school, and normal concessions will be provided, such as soda, water, chips, and candy. Woolard also mentions that, “We have a board member who has baked cupcakes for us for years and years and years for our shows, and has become quite famous. She’s actually opening her own bakery very shortly, it’ll be called Sassy Cat Bakery. So those cupcakes will be available.”

Woolard wanted to say to anyone who wants to get more involved in theatre, “Just grab anyone on the cast when you’re there, talk to any of the board members that you may see out and about. We will get you all the information you need to get involved. It’s just great to be a part of your community here, it’s very rewarding and it’s a great creative outlet.”

If you purchase your tickets ahead of time, they are $10 for students, $12 for seniors, and $14 for adults. If you buy them at the door, they are $16 for everyone. Tickets to the shows can be purchases online at  https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3463122

For more information on the event, please visit https://www.beanstalknc.com/


Members of the cast include:

Katelyn Woolard as Wednesday

Terry Woolard as Gomez

Jordan Rucker as Morticia

Noah Johnson as Lucas

Aidan Beane as Pugsley

Baron Cooper as Lurch

Gavin McGee as Mal

Lindsay Masland as Alice

Joseph Miller as Thing

Alexandra Newmark as Cousin It

Chris Watson as Fester

Susan Lyons as Grandma

Mason Blevins as Young Gomez

Peyton Walton as Young Morticia

Andrew Cole as Lurch .5. 


The show times are as follows:

Thursday, July 26: 7 p.m.

Friday, July 27: 7 p.m.

Saturday, July 28: 2 p.m.


Pictures From Wednesday Night’s Dress Rehearsal