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Mayor: Thank Your Mentor Day and Proclamation

Mayor Clawson and WYN's Christopher Clark. Photo submitted
Mayor Clawson and WYN’s Christopher Clark. Photo submitted

Jan. 11, 2013. January is National Mentoring Month and on Friday, Jan. 11, Boone Mayor Loretta Clawson released a proclamation naming Jan. 24 as “Thank Your Mentor Day” the month of January as Mentoring Month celebrated by the Town of Boone.

WHEREAS, January 2013 will mark the 12th anniversary of National Mentoring Month, an annual media campaign to recruit volunteer mentors for young people; and

WHEREAS, President Barack Obama has designated January as National Mentoring Month, declaring, “Every day, mentors help young Americans face the challenges of growing into adulthood. By setting a positive example, and sharing their time, knowledge and experience, mentors play an essential role in preparing our nation’s youth for a bright future. During National Mentoring Month, we celebrate the contributions of all those who cultivate a supportive environment for the next generation, and we recommit to expanding mentorship opportunities across our country”; and

WHEREAS, mentoring is shown to reduce instances of illegal drug use, underage drinking, violence, and truancy from school.  Of the youth served in the Western Youth Network’s mentoring program, 87% of their families reported seeing a positive change in behavior at the completion of the program, and 100% of the current youth served said that their mentors made them feel good about themselves and helped them do better in school; and

WHEREAS, in 2012, volunteers in Western Youth Network’s mentoring program spent more than  3,500 hours with youth in Watauga County totaling more than $72,975 of donated time to benefit our community; and 65% of the volunteer mentors were either ASU students or faculty; and

WHEREAS, “Thank Your Mentor Day” promotes three ways to honor your mentor: (1) contact your mentor directly to express your appreciation; (2) pass on what you received by becoming a mentor to a young person in your community; and (3) write a tribute to your mentor for posting on www.WhoMentoredYou.org; and 

WHEREAS, the Town of Boone is dedicated to realizing the promise and power of mentoring; 

NOW THEREFORE, I, Loretta Clawson, Mayor of the Town of Boone, as a demonstration of the value of volunteerism to this community, do hereby proclaim January 24, 2013, as Thank Your Mentor Day and the month of January as Mentoring Month celebrated by the Town of Boone, and urge our citizens to recognize this day, to consider mentoring a young person in their community, and to celebrate this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.