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Ten Year Old Asha Batchelor Visits Horn in the West Play and the Hickory Ridge Museum

By Asha Batchelor

Horn in the West is a play performed and located in Boone NC and is based on what the America’s pioneers had to go through in daily life as well as during the revolutionary war!  

There is also a living museum called “Hickory Ridge!” It is an outdoor museum in the forest with original log cabins of the times that the pioneers lived in!  Not only was life difficult in the mountains but dealing with the British soldiers added to their challenges of survival. The pioneers had to bicker against the redcoats, survive in the world and help the Indians! 

In this play you will see professional dancing, singing, fighting, drama, romance and a lot more! 

With the help of the house manager (Ashley Winkler) many of my questions were answered. 

“How many years has horn in the west been active?”   “68 seasons!”

“Has horn in the west been in any movies/TV shows?” “The big bang theory!”

“What is the original name of Horn in the West?” “Echos of the Blue ridge!”

Before you go to the play you must stop at the Hickory Ridge Museum located next to the outdoor stage! The museum offers a blacksmith shop, knitting, hatchet throwing and much more! They can also tell you how the pilgrims slept, ate, cooked and survived! 

You can explore everything in the museum and its outside! The blacksmith also is making tools required to build and maintain the cabins and other required supplies. As I was walking around the living museum I stopped by all the cabins! Everyone was very nice and so realistic! You can even taste some food they have cooked hot off the fire.  

When the play starts you are greeted with a quartet of people singing famous old songs of North Carolina! The actors were professional and phenomenal! They could also sing with a hint of the accents of that era. I loved how they incorporated Indians, fire dancing and battle in the play! The things you see in the play are astonishing! The play takes about 2 hours so if you see the museum and the play it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes! The play is historically accurate in a location that blends well with the ways of the past.

The museum, stage, actors and staff have provided our country with a exceptional real life experience that all should experience.

If you ever visit or live in Boone you should undoubtedly see Horn in the West and experience our towns out doors Hickory Ridge Living Museum! 

Pictures from the Horn in the West performance and the Hickory Ridge Museum by Asha Batchelor: