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Temperature Drops Down To 30s on Monday

By Jesse Wood

The temperature dropped into the 30s on Monday morning in some of the deeper valleys, according to RaysWeather.com, which precisely forecasted this weather event.

“We promised 30s in deeper valleys, and the weather delivered. Several spots woke up to upper 30s; a couple fell to the lower 30s. Crossnore, NC, (Avery County) is the coldest at 32 degrees. Isolated frost is likely with those numbers. That’s early for frost but by no means ‘unheard of,’” according to RaysWeather.com on Monday.

Click here to see “frost/freeze” information from the weather outlet.

Boone hit a low of 40.6 degrees at 9:42 a.m., and Valle Crucis hit 42.1 degrees at 9:30 a.m. for two other examples.

Aside from this cold spell, the entire week should be nice with plenty of sun. RaysWeather.com predicts the entire week should just be about five golf ball days.