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Report: Tanker Truck With Cargo of 600 Gallons of Kerosene Crashes into the Toe River Friday Afternoon

By Jesse Wood

Photo courtesy Avery County Sheriff's Office/GoBlueRidge.net
Photo courtesy Avery County Sheriff’s Office/GoBlueRidge.net

April 12, 2014. On Friday afternoon, a tanker truck carrying 600 gallons of kerosene on U.S. 19 North in the area of Minneapolis lost control, skid over an embankment and into the Toe River, according to GoBlueRidge.net.

“The trucker, covered in the kerosene, was frantically trying to seal the leaks as emergency crews began to arrive, and there was more frustration as the nearest large wrecker—large enough to handle the job of righting the truck—was at least a half-hour from the scene even travelling emergency speeds,” the website reported.

While emergency officials couldn’t be reached by High Country Press Friday, the report notes that firemen from Frank Fire Department were the first ones on the scene and backup was called for the other fire departments in Avery County and the resources to “mitigate the environmental damage and for water intakes downstream.”

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