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Mixed-Bag Forecast Through The Weekend, It’s Rained YTD More Than 62 Inches Atop Beech, 57 in Boone

By Jesse Wood

July 24, 2013. The weather is mixed for the next several days – with sunshine, overcast skies and thunderstorms in every day of the five-day forecast at RaysWeather.com. Sounds about like a summer day in the High Country.

Temperature highs are mainly in the low to mid 70s and lows are in the high 50s.

While many probably don’t want to even start thinking about icy roads and snowplows, Ray’s Weather Center recently posted on its Facebook page that “Climatologically, we’ve moved past the hottest time of the summer. From here on out, we’re on a slow but steady slide downward [as for daily temperature norms] ‘til January.”

Recently, it feels like we’ve seen the sun more the last week than the previous several weeks combined. 

June was the second wettest June on record since 1895 in North Carolina, and it has rained more in many places of the High Country and Western North Carolina in July than it did in June. Also record year-to-date averages for the first half of the year have been the norm across the western part of the state in 2013.

According to data at Ray’s Weather, it has rained 62.63 inches atop Beech Mountain. In Boone, it has rained just shy of 57 inches as of today. 

For a much more detailed daily forecast by Ray’s Weather, click here