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Sugar Mountain Resort May Be Opening Soon; Snowmaking Has Been in Progress Since Sunday Evening

by Madison V. Fisler

Nov. 12, 2013. The recent small flurries and the freezing temperatures currently in the forecast for the next few days can only mean one thing. Snowmaking season has begun!

“We starting making snow Sunday evening and we made snow all night into Monday,” said Kim Jochl of Sugar Mountain Resort. 

Snowmaking at Sugar
photo from Sugar Mountain’s Webcam

“We started back up again this morning around 9 and hopefully we will be able to keep going.”

In order for snowmaking to be successful, the right conditions have to be met. Alongside frozen temperatures, successful snowmaking requires low humidity.

“Winter season needs to start,” Jochl said. “The temperature looks right for laying down a good base. We want to get to work and get busy and open up the ski area. As the weather starts to settle in we will start building the snow base to open more and more of the mountain.”

The upper and lower flying mile will be the first part of the mountain to open along with the Summit No. 1 ski lift which will be open to the 3/4 station. 

Sugar Mountain has high hopes of getting the slopes open soon and getting this winter season on the road. 

“As long as it stays cold, we will keep making snow around the clock,” Jochl said.