Students To Rally To Demand Chancellor Everts Take Public Stance Against HB2

Published Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 10:02 am

WHEN: April 7, 2016 12:00pm

WHAT: Anti-House Bill 2 Rally at Appalachian State

WHERE: Sanford Mall (300 Locust St, Boone, NC 28608)

WHO: Appalachian State Student Power

On March 23, North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory signed into law House Bill 2.

This bill prohibits city and county governments from raising the minimum wage, and prohibits anti-discrimination policies that account for gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation. On April 7 members of Appalachian State University’s campus community will rally on Sanford Mall to protest HB2 and demand that university administration and Chancellor Everts release a public statement opposing HB2.

Students will also be demanding that Chancellor Everts and administration publically request that newly-appointed UNC System President Margaret Spellings states opposition to HB2 as well. If students are not met with an immediate response, they will all move to B.B. Dougherty and each student will one-by-one use the only single-occupancy restroom in the building, in Chancellor Everts’ office.

“As long as the university and administration, including Chancellor Everts, neglect to oppose HB2, this university is complicit in its endorsement of hate-fueled bigotry and legislation and further enacts the violence faced by these communities,” said Huy Quang Tu, a student at Appalachian State University. “Students on this campus are standing in solidarity with queer and trans people of color across the state after the passage of such an unjust and unwarranted bill.”

“HB2 is a reflection of a state that relentlessly enacts violence upon black and brown queer and trans communities,” said Hannah Seay, a student at Appalachian State University.

Until Chancellor Everts and the administration release a public statement denouncing HB2, students on Appalachian State’s campus are subjected to an unsafe and hostile environment that we will not accept. We will not allow the university to function as usual while the university silently endorses violence against black, brown, queer, and trans bodies.

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