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Students at Watauga High School Raise $8,800 for the Hunger and Health Coalition with the Empty Bowl Project, Shattering Their Previous Record

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By Madison V. Fisler

April 19, 2013. The students at Watauga High School have done it again. Through their Empty Bowl Project, the students raised $8,800 to benefit the Health and Hunger Coalition, shattering their previous record of $8,100 by $700. 

The event was held on Saturday, March 23 at Watauga High School from 4:30-6:00 p.m. 

“It was just an amazing success,” said Compton Fortuna, the executive director of the Hunger and Health Coalition. “I am just amazed and so excited about the impact they’ve made.”

images-9The $8,800 that the students raised with their 12th annual fundraiser equates to 44,000 pounds of food to help those in need. This food is distributed through the food pantry which is largely supported by Second Harvest in Winston-Salem. 

“Families can come in once every two weeks and receive 50 pounds of food,” Fortuna said. 

The Hunger and Health Coalition’s mission is to help to relieve poverty and hunger in Watauga County by administering assistance such as food and medicine. 

For the fundraiser, students sold tickets for $15 to patrons which could be redeemed for a bowl crafted by students or potters who donated their time and pieces. The event featured a meal of bread and soup for patrons, live entertainment and a silent auction as well. This year, more than 450 people attended the event to help support the community. 

Food donors to the event were numerous, and included Stick Boy Bread Company, Casa Rustica, Woodlands and many more while Friends of Watauga provided the desserts. 

“This event is very enjoyable for the people that go, it’s a fun evening,” Fortuna said.  “Aside from the wonderful food and art, you get the feeling that you are doing something good.”