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Storms are on the Way to High Country, Some Mountaintops Could See 6+ Inches of Snow

By Jesse Wood

The weather is going to be all over the place for the remainder of the week – expect rain and snow, cloudy and sunny skies, windy and calm. According to RaysWeather.com, the rain through Wednesday day will turn into snowfall as the temperature drops. This will pattern will repeat into Friday.

“By the time it’s all over late Friday, I expect 6-inches-plus reports from some mountaintops; however, below 3000 feet expect only transient, dusting, slushy accumulations. Between 5000′ and 3000′, will be, well… ‘in between,’ splotchy, light accumulations that are gone soon,” RaysWeather.com noted in its Wednesday forecast. 

Here is the latest release from the Red Cross of WNC: 

With severe weather still a concern into the overnight hours, the Red Cross stands ready to respond with volunteers and facilities on stand-by. We work with county emergency operations partner agencies, fire departments and other partner organizations to open and support shelter operations. Should we be called to open or support a shelter, it would be listed in our national shelter database. This database is found on the Red Cross Emergency App which is available at in app stores by searching American Red Cross or by going to www.redcross.org/apps.

We ask that you please check that app regularly for shelter updates as we will not be sending out releases with this information. If none are listed in our area, that means we have not opened a shelter. This database is updated frequently as things change.

Additional safety information for your consumers may be found here: