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Stacy “Four” Eggers Appointed to Four-Year Term on State Board of Elections

Stacy “Four” Eggers with Eggers, Eggers, Eggers, and Eggers on King Street.

RALEIGH, NC – Five State Board of Elections members were sworn in to four-year terms on Wednesday, and the Board reappointed Karen Brinson Bell as executive director.

Earlier this week, Governor Roy Cooper appointed the five State Board members, whose terms run through April 2027. Under state law, the Governor may select the five members of the board from among four nominees provided by each of the state’s two largest political parties, with no more than three members selected from a single party.

The Board Members are:

·       Jeff Carmon, a Democrat from Snow Hill

·       Stacy “Four” Eggers IV, a Republican from Boone

·       Alan Hirsch, a Democrat from Chapel Hill

·       Kevin N. Lewis, a Republican from Rocky Mount

·       Siobhan O’Duffy Millen, a Democrat from Raleigh 

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve our state. Trust in the election’s process is the bedrock of our democracy, and I hope to continue to promote secure, reliable, and accurate elections within our State. With the implementation of voter identification, I look forward to a smooth process that will give every citizen the confidence that their vote will count and their voice heard.  I especially appreciate the opportunity to work with our County Elections Directors and County Board members who spend countless hours to ensure that the ballots are correctly executed and tallied,” Four Eggers said.

Stacy “Four” Eggers in Raleigh at the swearing in ceremony.

The Board unanimously selected Hirsch as Board chairman, and Carmon as Board secretary. 

The Board also unanimously reappointed Brinson Bell to a third two-year term as executive director. State statute requires the State Board to appoint an executive director every two years. Brinson Bell’s new term will end May 15, 2025.

“This is important and hard work. The State Board staff looks forward to working with all of the new Board members to ensure secure, accurate, and accessible elections for the next four years,” Brinson Bell said.