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Spring Fund Drive for Valle Crucis Community Park Underway, Deadline for $20,000 Goal is June 30

By Jesse Wood

May 20, 2014. The annual spring fund drive for Valle Crucis Community Park (VCCP) is underway.

Photo by Lynn Willis
Photo by Lynn Willis

The goal is to raise $20,000 by June 30 for the park’s operating fund, which covers maintenance, landscaping, trash pickup, stocking bathrooms and “all the little things that go to keeping it beautiful out there,” said VCCP Executive Director Caroline Poteat Gandy.

Gandy added that the park was founded 31 years ago by residents, and since its inception, most of all the funding has come in the form of individual donations. Watauga County does provide some funding because the park hosts sport’s leagues of the Watauga County Parks and Recreation, and all of the public schools are allowed to use the fields and facilities. Gandy added that local churches and nonprofits may use the park for a reduced fee.

So far, nearly $14,000 has been raised as of Tuesday, May 20.

The $20,000 spring fund drive is in addition to an annual fall fund drive with a goal of $15,000. Gandy said that the budget is increasing because the park’s usage has increased.

The 23-acre Valle Crucis Community Park includes a stretch of the Watauga River for fishing and exploring. Kids love to go creek walking and play in the river. Basketball courts, a playground, sheltered picnic area, a walking trail and a grassy area for activities and relaxation.

If you would like to donate, click here. For more information about the park, click here.

Below is a list of those who have donated to the park:

  • Tom Eshelman and Jeanne Finnan
  • Mast General Store
  • Dennis and Joyce Kekas
  • Bud and Ann Gerber
  • Fred Martin
  • John and Leslie Howser
  • Nigel and Donna Horbury
  • Ernest and Mary Armstrong
  • Lyle Schoenfeldt and Wanda Hinshaw
  • David and Julie Neal
  • Philip Kinken
  • Mark and Kendra Gould
  • Joe Harmon
  • Susan Mast
  • Mary Mast
  • Mary Wood
  • John and Nancy Bollinger
  • Frank and Joanne Wootton
  • Georgeanna Kicklighter
  • George and Ann Greer
  • Carl Anderson
  • Stephen and Sue Uhlin
  • Dennis and Anne Carlton-Jones
  • Frank and Kay Borkowski
  • John and Patricia Burbank
  • Larry and Corrine Finnegan
  • Jim and Libby Wooten
  • Tom and Anna Barry
  • Sherwood and Patricia Johnson
  • Judd Sanderfer
  • Dave and Charlotte Nielson
  • Moubray and Joanne Beaty
  • Bryant and Cindy Kittrell
  • David and Madeline Felton
  • Jack and Leigh Haile
  • Bob and Julie Gates
  • Allison Furman
  • Lyle and Annette Weissbach
  • Dennis and Patti Haglan
  • Wayne and Janice Torbett
  • J. Brantley Schirard
  • Manuel and Robin Diaz
  • Ed and Ann Harris
  • Chase and Holly Ambler
  • Byrdie Denison
  • Andy and Lori Kogoy
  • Edward Ellis
  • John and Kathy Lindsay
  • William and Patricia Blau
  • Barry Sales
  • Walter and Anne Juergensen
  • Judy Morton
  • Bob and Polly Capps
  • Antonio and Donna Disclafani
  • Toby and Alisa Tate
  • Steve and Sharon Breitenstein
  • Jim and Lorrayne Cook
  • Betsy Williams
  • Donna Breitenstein
  • Pete Williams
  • William Jackson
  • John and Faye Cooper
  • Mike and Sarah Varner
  • Clement and Barbara Williams
  • Robert and Lynne Bass
  • Terry and Connie Kaiser
  • David Finck and Marie Hoepfl
  • Rebecca Schmickley
Photo by Lynn Willis Photography
Photo by Lynn Willis Photography
Photo by Lynn Willis Photography
Photo by Lynn Willis Photography