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4th of July Parade: Spear and Plumtree Communities Celebrate Independence Day

4th of July Parade 2022 – Submitted by James Nipper

The nearest communities from our mountain cabin on Rebwin Mountain are the small mountain townships of Spear and Plumtree, sporting a family population of about 750. This is the epitome of conservative America, and patriotism runs high. During the last few days as we have driven through many mountain communities like these, we have been amazed at the flag displays and other patriotic decorations that these mountain folk display during this week of celebrating our Declaration Of Independence. 

This past Saturday, we again attended the Spear/Plumtree July 4th parade and picnic!! Once again, this was a fantastic event!! The parade itself was very family oriented, and the floats, vehicles, and people that participated created a kaleidoscope of red, white and blue. And, the picnic was very special, with plenty of delicious food to go around. A very special thank you and congratulations go out to Derk and Erin Buchanan, who put this all together, and organized the parade and bluegrass music (the Toe River Drifters & Boone & Church!) and provided the delicious picnic food!!  WOW, what a good job they have done to put this event together!! Thank you SO much!! (Yes, I have known Derek since he was a very young child, and knew his grandfather Donald Buchanan over 50 years ago!)

There are parades and then there are parades. Then there is “The” Plumtree/Spear July 4th Parade which is Americana personified!!

I don’t need to write this narrative. Just take a close look at the pictures, they really tell the story of this fine day and the wonderful mountain people that we are so blessed to know. I have known some of these folks for 50 years, and first knew many of them when they were very young children. 

Submitted by James Nipper

Photos submitted by James Nipper