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Alternative Rock Band Water Liars Returns to the High Country; Takes the Boone Saloon Stage on Oct. 27

By Jacquilyn Lavalle

Sept. 24, 2014. The southern alternative rock band, Water Liars, will be back in Boone on Monday, Oct. 27. Hitting the stage of Boone Saloon, the trio promises to deliver in their uniquely soulful fashion. Jamming begins at 7 p.m. This is not a performance you want to miss. For ticket prices and information call Boone Saloon at 828-264-1811.

imgresFounded in 2011, Justin Kinkel-Schuster of Mississippi and Arkansas native Andrew Bryant were completed by the addition of bassist GR Robinson. The Water Liars’ blend of Americana and alternative-country-rock is an ode to their southern roots. Since the Water Liars debut in 2012, the Mississippi-based trio has produced an album per year while touring virtually nonstop with no intention of slowing down. Their debut LP, “Phantom Limb”, began the bands perpetual musical journey. Each album subsequently has been used as a means of continuing their story.

“Their development continues to quickly unfold in terms of songwriting, musicianship, and production alike, as the songs here [on their latest album] feel instantly clearer and more intentional than the sometimes blurry sentiments of previous albums,”  noted Fred Thomas of All Music.

The most recent installment of the Water Liars narrative, a self titled LP, focuses on “the terrors and joys of being a small thing in a big world”.

A defining feature of the Water Liars music is not overdoing their songs “until they are shiny with emptiness”. With every LP, a “raw sorrow” is showcased through the so-called violent imagery. Kinkel-Schuster’s haunting vocals unite with his lyrics in an ideal marriage.

“This passion that is behind the Water Liars’ songs creates a visual image into their world and their lyrics are your guide,” says Fire Note.

The Water Liars music echoes of truths that are both desired and denied. To accomplish this, the band employs basic human emotions and actions. Themes of love, redemption, and pain are intertwined within each verse. The Water Liars have been known to incorporate powerful paradoxes into their music. Often teetering on thin lines such as love and hate, the group is highly focuses on contrasting details within their work. Ideas like loud vs quiet and fast vs slow are frequently explored by the musicians.

If you have yet to hear the punk aesthetic stylings of the Water Liars visit https://soundcloud.com/big-legal-mess/sets/water-liars/s-YxUFu.