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Southern Appalachian Historical Association’s Lamp-Post Carolers Entertain Community by Performing Through the Holiday Season

By Harley Nefe

Residents throughout the local community can bring the spirit of Christmas to their houses or surprise someone dear to them this season with the Southern Appalachian Historical Association’s Lamp-post Carolers.

“It is so that we can move off our regular season to bring entertainment within the community and also begin to fundraise outside of our regular season, so that our drama and entertainment can continue,” said Jill Privett, who is a SAHA Board Member and helped create the concept.

This is a new concept for SAHA this year, and it is historical, with the carolers being clothed in authentic period costumes. After being hired, the carolers will go into the community and sing, spreading holiday cheer, especially during the challenging times.

“Really what we have found that has happened that has really been quite wonderful to us is that we seem to be able to bless people that are very isolated or are having to isolate more than others, such as the elderly, and people have hired us to go sing for them, so we feel like we are spreading some Christmas cheer during the pandemic,” Privett said.

Apart from private locations, the Lamp-post Carolers have also already entertained at public places such as the drive-thru Christmas parade and at the Dan’l Boone Inn in Boone. They are continuing to develop a plan of where else they will be making an appearance and sharing a medley of carols.

Privett said in future seasons, SAHA hopes to bring the Lamp-post Carolers to the stage and have them be a part of an entertainment event that people may purchase tickets to attend.

The Lamp-post Carolers consist of volunteers including Stephanie Greer, who is the head or leader of the group. In addition, Stephanie’s brother Andrew Greer is in the group as well as David Pym, Claire Parnell and Tressie York Marcum. 

“We’re very appreciative of them volunteering so that we could launch this new project,” Privett said.

The Lamp-post Carolers are available to perform through Jan. 8, and as Privett explained, during Victorian times the holidays were very extended, so to follow suit with that the singers are available through the same period of time.

To make arrangements and book the Lamp-post Carolers, call SAHA at (828) 264-2120 or visit the website at https://www.horninthewest.com/lamppost-carolers.


Photos of the Lamp-post Carolers at Watauga Parks and Recreation’s drive-thru Christmas parade in Boone on Dec. 12: