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Soucek’s Anti-Boone ETJ Bill Makes Its Way To House


By Jesse Wood

June 12, 2014. The bill to eliminate Boone’s extraterritorial jurisdiction in 2015 will make its way to the N.C. House after passing in the Senate by a 34-15 margin during its second reading on Wednesday.

Sen. Dan Soucek filed Senate Bill 865 two weeks ago to the protest of Mayor Andy Ball and his fellow council members. The bill only affects Boone and no other municipalities in the state. After receiving word of the filing of the bill, Ball asked,  “Why is Boone ‘different from the 540 other towns and cities’ across the state that have the opportunity to exercise its ETJ rights?”

Read a prior article about the filing with words from Soucek, Ball and planning officials with Watauga County and Town of Boone here.

In 2012, a similar bill, filed by Soucek and affecting only Boone’s ETJ, passed the Senate before dying in the House.

See who all voted for the bill in the screenshot from the N.C. General Assembly’s website above.