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Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor Candidates Speak at Candidate’s Forum

By Nathan Ham

Two of the three candidates in the Watauga County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor race shared their qualifications and thoughts on why they wanted to be elected to the board.

Chris Hughes, Bill Moretz and Joey Clawson are running for two seats on the board. Clawson is currently on the board but did not attend the candidate’s forum.

The soil and water conservation board is set up to promote conservation, improve water quality and reduce pollution on agricultural land. 

On the issues

Chris Hughes

“When you go home at night and turn on the water, the water that we use to cook and feed our families, we want to know that the water that we drink is safe.”

“We have many small, organic farmers, ranchers and bee keepers and I will work with these farmers to improve communication so they know about cost share programs and partnerships available from state and national sources.”

“I will continue to work with our schools to develop innovative soil and water education programming.”

“I will work with our county commission to develop a strong agriculture economic development plan which we do not have right now, that will help our farmers while stimulating our local economy.”

 Bill Moretz

 “Soil and water are two of our main natural resources and we need to protect them, and at the same time, be able to utilize them, otherwise farmers go out of business.”

“Being able to preserve the soil and water is one of our greatest challenges. Our number one polluting source for our waterways was from erosion. Fortunately the soil and water office locally helps farmers address that, but also erosion comes from bad construction plans, bad roadway plans and home gardens.”

Video of each introduction from Hughes and Moretz during Tuesday’s Meet the Candidates Forum can be found below.