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Ski Slopes Reporting Awesome Conditions; Practically Every Trail Open in the High Country

Appalachian has all their ski trails open and all lifts running going into the weekend.

By Nathan Ham

Another great weather weekend is in store for people that want to hit the ski slopes this weekend, and some great snow conditions will be awaiting their arrival. Between the three ski slopes in the High Country, just one trail at Sugar Mountain will not be open to crowds this weekend.

“Conditions are fantastic this year. The snow depth is deep, the snow covers from tree line to tree line and the weather has cooperated; it is not frigid but it’s not too warm. It is perfect weather and slope conditions,” said Sugar Mountain Vice-President Kim Jochl.

The only trail not open is Sugar Bear, otherwise, the resort will have 20 of 21 trails open this weekend.

The snow is so deep at Appalachian Ski Mtn. they have had to build snow stairs to get from the lodge to the slopes.

“These are the best conditions we’ve had for such a long period of time. Temperatures have been ideal at night for snowmaking then warming up slightly during the day,” said Jochl.

Sugar Mountain will also have six lanes of snow tubing open and ice skating.

At Beech Mountain, all 17 trails are open for daytime skiing and snowboarding.

“This is the best snow conditions we’ve had in years! The snow coverage is impressive and our snowmaking improvements over the summer are really making a difference,” said Talia Freeman, Beech Mountain’s Director of Marketing. “For those who aren’t into skiing, we have our ice skating rink open and our tubing runs are a fun way to enjoy the snow. We’re looking forward to another great weekend of great conditions for our customers.”

Over at Appalachian Ski Mtn., all lifts and trails are open and ready for people to head to Blowing Rock for some fun on the slopes.

“We have a lot of snow and plan on going day and night through March 28. We have a good outlook ahead,” said owner Brad Moretz. “We have a lot of snow, it’s more than we had at any time last year. We’ve had a lot of good snowmaking weather and a lot of continuous, cold temperatures.”

Moretz said that people have felt comfortable coming out to Appalachian Ski Mtn. and the time slot system for folks to register online has “spaced everybody out nicely.”

“I think tomorrow will be another Saturday sellout,” he added.

Current Ski Conditions

Appalachian Ski Mtn.

12 trails, 5 lifts open

Base depth: 50-90 inches

Beech Mountain

17 trails, 5 lifts open

Base depth: 44-74 inches

Sugar Mountain

20 trails, 5 lifts open

Base depth: 44-93 inches

Pictures at Appalachian Ski Mtn. on Friday afternoon.