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Watauga Sheriff Urges Caution About Posting Vacation Plans, Photos on Social Media

By Jesse Wood

After a seasonal resident returned to their mountain residence to find that a break-in occurred and multiple items were stolen, Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman issued a public service announcement urging people to exert caution when posting on social media.

He said the “bad guys” are savvy and will look on social media to see if people are at a potential house they might want to rob. If you post on social media about planning or being on vacation – or anywhere else for that matter, then your home might be an easy target.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the joy of fun and sun, but the bad guys are much more savvy in using social media posts that may advertise your absence,” Hagaman said.

Here are some examples of phrases Hagaman cited:

  • “We will be at the beach…,”
  • “We are going to visit relatives on…, “
  • “Sorry to say that we will be out of town at the funeral of…,”
  • “We have to be in…for medical tests…”
  • “See, the kids are having a ball on the beach…”
  • “Here are some pictures if our friends while here in Alaska…”
  • “Just look at our grandkids…these were taken at Disney World today…”
  • “Our granddaughter and family are at orientation at…University, where she has been accepted.”