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Shaun Couture and Clint Roberts Combine for a Night of Alternative Country at Murphy’s Pub Thursday, Oct. 6.

This Thursday, Oct. 6, local watering hole Murphy’s Pub will host a double feature night of singer songwriters. Local musician Shaun Couture of the Nude Party will share the stage with another local favorite, Clint Roberts.

The laid back environment of Murphy’s will be a perfect backdrop for the stylings of these two young artists, who both have ample experience in the Boone music scene and beyond. The music will likely start around 11 p.m., but attendees are encouraged to get there early and settle in with some drinks or a delicious pizza.    fb_img_1475671882523

Music can often be described in a technical way: usually by comparisons to other bands and by describing the instruments, tones and styles a band tends towards. Shaun Couture of the Nude Party, who has been testing out his solo project around Boone lately, describes his own music by impression:

“Imagine mosey-ing into a dusty honky tonk while traveling along the Santa Fe trail, New Mexico by horseback. The sun is low, close to setting. You’ve had no water for the past 40 miles, only one bottle of aged bourbon in your pack. Your hands are weathered by the blows of sand along the trail and the smell of leather from your stirrups. Your horse is tired but still holds his head high. Upon slowly walking through a pair of creaking, dry suicide doors, an ice cold bottle of cerveza is waiting on the bar. You take a sip of the ice cold liquid, rotate on your bar stool, let the steel guitar calm your bones, and look to a night of dancing with a pretty señorita.”

Whether his act actually includes steel guitar or not is beside the point. Couture wants to take listeners on a revised western journey with his sleepy alt country. He tries to embed his music with the sensation of dearly bought relief. While there are currently no recordings of Couture’s spaced out jams, he is in the mixing stages of his first, potentially full length, EP with local producer Ben Mercer, who has an excellent reputation for his sensitive interpretation of various genres.

“We try not to take life too seriously, says Couture of his musical philosophy. “We’re just musicians and performers, we’re not running for office or something. I think our music reflects that. I’m really influenced by older outlaw country and folk music. That music has an energy and influence from living on the road and rambling, so I’d say we are heavily influenced from that. We just want people to have a good time and share music that we love.”

Couture is also heavily influenced by his time rambling with his close friends and fellow bandmates of the Nude Party in their regional tours of the east coast and beyond.

Clint Roberts is another well known name around the Boone area.

He got his start playing in a band called The Fox Fire with high school buddies from Brevard, and he released a six song solo EP in 2015 called Where the Heart is. While that album features Roberts’ gentle finger-style indie folk-country, the style that Roberts adapted to an amplified guitar after playing banjo in former groups, he’s turning a new corner for his new single and upcoming recordings, which will form his newest EP.

“My plans in the near future are to start working on my new EP, tentatively called Hamlet Blues,” says Roberts. “I’m looking forward to this greatly because it’a been two years since I released my first EP Where The Heart Is. The tone and genre have shifted considerably since then in my music, and I’m really looking forward to people getting updated on what I’m doing. I think my presentation in my work has become a lot more fun for everyone to listen to, myself included. For people who are used to the sound on my previous record, I imagine it will prove to be an adjustment for sure. But overall, I think what I’m doing now will be better received.”
Roberts’ new single “Hamlet Blues” can be found in the form of a live session video recording on YouTube. The cost of the show is $5.