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Sharing a Smile in Uncertain Times: Teddy Bear Hunt Hits the High Country

By Nathan Ham

It’s hard to imagine having children at home with not much to do and nowhere to go. The High Country Teddy Bear Hunt is working steadily on changing that.

A group of creative moms has come together to reach out to homeowners and business owners to see if they have any interest in putting a teddy bear at their front door, in the windows or somewhere around the house for children to spot from the safety of their parent’s vehicle.

Ashoff, who has three sons of her own, says that her own children were part of her inspiration to start this bear hunt in the High Country.

“We have heard of this happening in other places. My sister’s town did it so I thought it would be a fun thing to do in the High Country,” Ashoff said. “I talked to some mom friends and everybody got on board, so we started a Facebook page and I’m hoping it will catch on and more people will get involved.”

Several homeowners have already gotten their teddy bears out and two local businesses, Krispy Kreme and Arby’s, both had their teddy bears up in the window on Wednesday.

“The kids get so excited when you pull up and there’s a bear. It’s just something that gives us a little joy in these intense times,” said Ashoff. 

Aimee said that she had been taking her boys to the Greenway but as more and more people begin filling the park, it was hard to maintain proper social distancing while running around and playing.

With the High Country Teddy Bear hunt, it’s a safe and fun thing for parents and their children to do.

“We wanted to do something where people could just stay in their vehicles and don’t have to get outside,” said Ashoff. “We all need to do our part and stay home as much as possible, but I absolutely have to leave the house sometimes with three little boys. You can drive around and get some pictures of some bears out of your window. It has been fun so far.”

The High Country Teddy Bear Hunt Facebook page is being updated daily as new locations with their bears are added and people can get together and talk about the fun they have been having. Be sure to check out the page to keep up with what new bear hunting spots are popping up this spring.