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Senior Members of the ASU Football Team Attended Etiquette Camp at The 1861 Farmhouse on Thursday

Aug. 23, 2013. Last night, Appalachian State Head Football Coach Scott Satterfield continued a tradition started by former Head Coach Jerry Moore, by bringing his senior players to “Etiquette Camp” at the 1861 Farmhouse in Valle Crucis. For the past four years, Alison Garrett, owner of The 1861 Farmhouse along with her husband Steve has coached the seniors in etiquette.

ASU dinner 2013“It is truly an honor for me to be entrusted with coaching these young men with skills they will need for the rest of their lives. We cover a lot: from the way to properly introduce yourself and others-including proper handshake, to the full spectrum of dining etiquette. We discuss responding to invitations, acceptable social behavior- including cell phone etiquette, and social media discretion. Without fail, the topic which gets the most discussion every year is dating etiquette,” said Garrett.

Garrett said “This year’s seniors were a truly impressive group of young men. One portion of the evening focuses on ‘being a person of excellence,’ and I can tell you that last night there was not one person in that room who does not exemplify excellence. From players with impressively high GPAs to two linemen who are already in ASU’s MBA program, these young men have amazing work ethics and have continually modeled good decision-making throughout their time at ASU. They were the most courteous and engaged group of seniors we have yet had the pleasure of meeting.”

“We tell these seniors how privileged they are to be in a football program backed by the amazing coaching and support staff that ASU offers. Etiquette Camp just isn’t something that you find at other schools. These young men are fortunate enough to play for coaches who care about them not just as the players they are today, but as the husbands, fathers and citizens they will become.”