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Search for Anna Marie Smith Continues, Family Asks Those Willing To Help Search to Focus on Mountains-To-Sea Trail

Sept. 10 Update on Missing Student:

From ASU News Service: The Triad Bloodhounds organization from Kernersville searched several areas along the Blue Ridge Parkway this afternoon (Sept. 10)  in the ongoing search for Appalachian State University student Anna Marie Smith of High Point who was reported missing on Sept. 3.

The organization was directed to several sites along the parkway that Smith’s family indicated she had previously visited; however, nothing significant was found.

On Sept. 4 and Sept. 7, National Park Service personnel also searched parkway overlooks that Smith may have visited.

University Police continue to ask anyone who may have seen Smith to call 828-262-2150.

Smith has short red or blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall with a slender build. She has nose piercings, a black and white sunflower tattoo on her upper right chest near her collar bone and Latin lettering over her lower left ribs.

Investigators continue to use all means, including interviews, forensic examination of records, surveillance video analysis, location searches and any other available techniques to attempt to locate Anna.

Search for Anna Marie Smith Continues, Family Asks Those Willing To Help Search to Focus on Mountains-To-Sea Trail

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 10, 2014. Anna Marie Smith, an 18-year-old freshman student at Appalachian State University, has now been missing for at least a full week.

While local, state and federal investigators continue searching, the “Find Anna Marie Smith” campaign has asked for fellow citizens interested in helping in the search to focus on the Mountains-To-Sea Trail, which stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains – through the High Country – to the Outer Banks.

This was announced on the campaign’s Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon, following an outpouring of requests from folks inquiring on how they could help. So far, the family has concentrated search parties along trails and paths “all and around” the Blue Ridge Parkway to no avail.

New Flier
New Flier

“One thing we know about Anna is that she loves the outdoors. That is why we have concentrated so much on the trails and paths and all around the parkway. However, we have found nothing,” according to the “Find Anna Marie Smith” page that is administered by her family.

“Mountain-to-Sea Trail extends from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, stopping at many of North Carolina’s most beautiful places along the way. Although we don’t have a specific indication that this is where Anna may be, mother’s intuition has prompted us to ask for your help along this trail. If you are familiar, live close to, or would be able to come to a location along the trail to look, please let the us know.”

Friends and family have been searching relentlessly the past week. On Sept. 7, the group noted that it extended the search from the college campus and Boone area to all the way up to Asheville, and a group of about 35 friends and family members passed out dozens of fliers along truck stops, rest stops, gas stations, restaurants and the like in between Boone and Winston-Salem on the same day. The family has also thoroughly searched several routes from Boone to her hometown of High Point.

The search has recently been aided by the Missing Cases Facebook page, which shared Smith’s plight on Sept. 8. That post has since received nearly 10,000 shares from social media users around the country. The campaign also thanked the Triad Bloodhound Team for bringing the dogs to Boone to search.

The campaign also extended its gratitude to the many people who have helped in the search, whether it be by sending emails, texting, posting on social media, hanging fliers and the like.

In addition to extending the search all the way to Asheville, volunteers

“We are very grateful to each and every one of you!” a post reads.

Yesterday, a new flier, which can be seen above, was published, and those interested are encouraged to share them electronically or by physically posting.

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