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Members of Search Committee for ASU’s Next Chancellor Selected, Committee Begins Search for Successor

Aug. 2, 2013. The executive committee of Appalachian State University’s Board of Trustees has approved the initial membership of the charcellor search committee, which includes seven members of the board.

Chancellor Kenneth E. Peacock announced in April his plans to step down as chancellor when a successor is named.

Board chairman Michael Steinback will chair the committee. Bradley Adcock will serve as vice chairman. Other trustees serving on the search committee are Avery Hall Sr., Brenda White Wright, Alice Roess, Frank Daniels Jr. and Student Government Association President Dylan Russell.

Steinback said the search committee would total approximately 20 members – the seven trustees, including the student body president, faculty members and others representing staff, alumni and the broader community. The faculty representation will be selected from nominations submitted by the deans of Appalachian’s degree-granting colleges of schools, Faculty Senate Chair Andrew Koch and others.

Additionally, at-large membership on the committee will be determined by the trustees serving on the search committee, Steinback said.

“We want to ensure we have appropriately developed a diverse representation of individuals, viewpoints and interests from the ASU campus, community and region,” he said.

Dayton Cole from Appalachian’s Office of General Counsel, told the executive committee that, “I want to underscore Chairman Steinback’s commitment and mine to helping you develop a committee that is really representative of the Appalachian community and diverse in many different ways.”

He said that diversity should include race, ethnicity, gender and diversity of perspectives. 

“It’s important for us to think about the variety of perspectives among our faculty and community and the environment in which the university operates,” Cole said.

Trustee Brenda White Wright also spoke to the search process. 

“There are three words that I think will be very helpful in guiding our process – transparency, engagement and inclusiveness,” White shared with the executive committee.

“I think to the degree that we can adhere to those three, we will have a process that the community at large will accept and feel like they have been listened to, engaged and involved from the beginning as much as possible all the way to the conclusion (of the search).”

Steinback said that chairing the search committee is an honor and privilege and that he embraces the opportunity to “assist this great university in advancing its mission. Chancellor Peacock has been and continues to be a great leader strongly positioning Appalachian for the future. He is a true and dear friend whom I hold in the highest regard,” Steinback aid. “We now look to the future with great excitement and accept the challenges and opportinities that this search process offers us to identity new leadership that will drive continued success in the future.”

Steinback said listening forums and a survey to be administered through Appalachian’s Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning would give the campus and local community the opportunity to provide input into qualifications to consider in selecting finalists for Appalachian’s next chancellor. A website will also be available at a later date to provide information about the search.

The search committee is not responsible for hiring the new chancellor. The committee will report to the board of trustees, which will recommend three candidates to UNC President Tom Ross for consideration.

“There is no higher honor, nor challenge than to select the chief executive officer for any institution,” said White of her membership on the committee.

Board member Bradley Adcock agreed, saying, “This search will be the most important thing I have done in my years of association with Appalachian.”

The board of trustees’ executive committee has authorized Steinback to engage a consultant approved by the search committee to assist in the search.

Steinback anticipates announcing the final make-up of the search committee by Aug. 16. Ross will officially charge the committee with its work on Aug. 27.

“The passion of this university and the interest in and focus on a new chancellor is remarkable. This university is poised for great things ahead,” Steinback said.