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SCOTUS Declines To Stay US Court of Appeals Ruling Striking Down Voter ID Law

Compiled by Jesse Wood

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the stay of a U.S. Court of Appeal ruling that struck down North Carolina’s Voter ID law. The state requested the stay.

Below are comments from the campaigns of Gov. Pat McCrory and N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is challenging McCrory in the general election. Cooper declined to defend the Voter ID law.

Cooper Campaign Response to Supreme Court Ruling

Today, the Cooper for NC campaign responded to the Supreme Court’s decision to deny a stay on the Fourth Circuit’s decision striking down Governor McCrory’s voting restrictions law. The Fourth Circuit found that the law sought to discriminate on the basis of race and was unconstitutional.

“From the start, Governor McCrory should have followed Attorney General Cooper’s advice and vetoed this law. Every legal, registered voter deserves the right to participate in the Democratic process. It’s a shame that Governor McCrory wasted taxpayer money and once again put his partisan political agenda ahead of everything else,” said Cooper for NC spokesman Ford Porter

McCrory Campaign Slams Cooper For Refusing To Defend NC in Voter ID Case

After the Supreme Court decided in a 4-4 split decision not to reinstate North Carolina’s voter ID law in the upcoming election, the McCrory campaign released the following statement:

“The attorney general pushed for a law to require a photo ID to buy Sudafed, but even after Russian hackers compromised voting systems in other states, Roy Cooper still doesn’t believe people should be required to show a photo ID to vote. This is Roy Cooper once again kowtowing to liberal special interests and his campaign donors like George Soros instead of doing his job to defend the laws and the people of North Carolina. No wonder every major law enforcement organization has endorsed Pat McCrory over Roy Cooper despite his 16-year tenure as North Carolina’s chief law enforcement officer.” – Russell Peck, McCrory Campaign Spokesman