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Saloon Studios Provides State-of-the-Art Live Music Performances and Studio Production in an Old West Environment; Atlanta Rhythm Section Performs October 5

Saloon Studios boasts state-of-the-art sound technology within its rustic western presentation.

By Joe Johnson

Tucked away on 180 acres of Mt. Jefferson, just south of West Jefferson, Saloon Studios is at the heart of a mid 19th-century Old West town replica surrounded by such buildings as a sheriff’s office, undertaker, post office, blacksmith, stables, cantina, and a general store.

However, the saloon not just a replica of a western-style saloon; the location also doubles as a live performance stage and recording venue with state-of-the-art recording equipment, technology, and sound engineering in an intimate, 100-seat setting.

Saloon Studios logo

Rock n’ Roll legends as well as up-and-coming acts are invited to the live stage to showcase their greatest hits; rock n’ roll hall of famers such as Dave Mason of Traffic and Steve Cropper of “STAX” Records, Foghat, Molly Hatchet and more have performed at Saloon Studios.

Saloon Studios boasts a team of professionals with industry experience producing concerts and events like you have never experienced before. The team is committed to doing their part by making a difference in the world of music, constantly scouting the cracks and crevices and the underground of almost every music genre, including: country, rock n’ roll, bluegrass, rhythm & blues, Celtic, folk and more.

Not only is Saloon Studios dedicated to providing the ultimate live music experience, they also strive to provide state-of-the-art studio services as well. The live stage serves as Studio A; the room is spacious and sounds resonantly beautiful with a stage area for groups to live track their performances.

Live Stage/Studio A includes the best sound technology the music business has to offer for both live music performances and studio sessions.

The Live Stage/Studio A includes access to top-of-the-line sound production equipment like a variety of musical instruments and amps for the backline, a custom drumkit, including cymbals and a percussion table, a looper station, and all the equipment you may need in the “control room” for your engineer or producer to get the perfect sound you need for your record.

Saloon Studios also has access to high quality video recording and production equipment for musicians to record themselves performing or even to record a music video in the 19th-century Old West town replica to provide the perfect down-home, Wild West aesthetic to their visuals.

            The upcoming acts performing at Saloon Studios during its 2019 Legends Series are sure to rock the foundations of the replica western town. Atlanta Rhythm Section will be performing this Saturday, October 5, at 6:00 p.m., Journeyman (Tribute To Eric Clapton) will be performing on October 12 at 6:00 p.m., and Mark Farner’s American Band will be hitting the stage on November 9 at 6:00 p.m. Ticket prices for the performances range from $180-250 depending on the performer.

            Atlanta Rhythm Section is a band made up of expert former studio musicians that gained acclaim as a successor to the Allman Brothers, helping carry the mantle of southern rock in the late 70s. Atlanta Rhyhthm Section’s Performance on Saturday is a chance to hear hits from their outstanding catalog, including “So Into You” and “Spooky”, from the comfort of Saloon Studios’ unmatched, intimate concert setting.

            Journeyman (A Tribute to Eric Clapton) is a performance by Shaun Hague, who was named “The Best Young Blues Guitarist” by The House of Blues at age 17 and formerly served as a guitarist for blues phenom Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Shaun now makes waves with his tribute to Eric Clapton; take in this powerful performance encompassing all aspects of Clapton’s career, from Bluesbreakers to From The Cradle, at Saloon Studios on October 12.

            Mark Farner’s American Band is led by Mark Farner, legendary all-American frontman that was the engine who pulled the original Grand Funk Railroad to the top of the charts; today he is a platinum recording artist 30 times over. Farner commands the stage with the same intensity and outpouring of love as he did at the age of 20 during the summer of ’69, and his fans are still flocking to the Captain. The rock patriot’s synergy and open heart come with epic hits that defined a generation, including, “I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home),” “We’re An American Band,” a rendition of “The Loco-Motion,” and “Some Kind of Wonderful,” which can be heard in Saloon Studios’ relaxed setting on November 9.

            Whether you are seeking the ultimate in VIP concert experiences, a venue for your next performance, a state-of-the-art studio to record and engineer your tracks, or you just would like to visit a high quality 19th-century Old West town replica, Saloon Studios is the prime location for these services, and more, in the High Country.

            For more information about Saloon Studios or its upcoming events and performances, visit https://saloonstudioslive.com/ or call 336-877-2374.

The quaint, 19th-century Old West town replica houses some of the best music technology out there as well as 19th-century themed fun for all ages.
Saloon Studios has some of the best music equipment brands at their disposal such as Gibson guitars.
Saloon Studios has access to high-end technology such as an A&H GLD 80 console/mixing desk and Allen and Heath ME-1 personal mixers.
Saloon Studios has four Panasonic PTZ and manned cameras for video production.
The interior of Saloon Studios is modeled after 19th-century Old West saloons.
The Live Stage that is also used as Studio A
Activities more akin to a typical western saloon, such as billiards, are available at Saloon Studios as well.
The control room allows engineers and artists to dial in the perfect mix and master for their records.


A view from the live stage out into the Saloon audience section.