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Ruritan Club Recognized for Outstanding Service

Deep Gap Ruritan Club President Billie Rogers, at left, and Secretary Kathy Idol, center, are recognized for their outstanding service to Ruritan and the community they serve, by Leslie Gentry, Western North Carolina District Governor.

By Sherrie Norris

During the April meeting of the Deep Gap Ruritan Club, three officers were recognized for their outstanding service to their club and community.

Harold Eller, long-time sergeant at arms for Deep Gap Ruritan Club, proudly displays his official arm band that leaves no one guessing his role and importance in his community club.

On behalf of Ruritan National, Western North Carolina District Governor Leslie Gentry recognized the following: Billie Rogers, club president now in her third term, Kathy Idol, club secretary, also in her third term, and Harold Eller, who has served tirelessly for many years as sergeant at arms.

Gentry, who along with his wife, Loretta, are long-time members of the Deep Gap Ruritan Club, has risen in the organization’s ranks in recent years, and referred to it as not only an honor, but also a privilege to deliver the awards and recognition to his fellow club members.

“These three individuals embody the Ruritan mission of serving one’s community and being an example for others to follow,” said Gentry. “They go above and beyond what they are expected to do in their leadership roles.”

While volunteering is often a thankless job, Gentry emphasized, it is because of people like Rogers, Idol and Eller that so much gets accomplished in community and civic organizations.

“Deep Gap Ruritan is blessed beyond measure with a fine group of members who come together for the good of their fellowman,” he added. “Our club, as well as all the others in the area, district and region are known for always looking for ways to help their neighbors.”

Gentry, who oversees 29 clubs and approximately 600 members in his district, also had this to say: “Ruritan members are some of the best people I encounter on a daily basis. We are community-minded with our main focus on serving our neighbors, and especially those in need.”

Gentry said that Ruritan, as a whole, fosters a deep concern for several areas, including public service opportunities, citizenship, patriotism, the environment and social development. From volunteerism, helping fund unmet medical and heating needs for the elderly, and buying Christmas gifts for children, to landscaping around the local fire department and picking up roadside trash, Gentry said that Deep Gap Ruritan is to be commended for its efforts, many of which garner national and regional awards on a regular basis.

For more information, feel free to contact one of the club members or visit one of the club’s meetings, held at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at the Deep Gap Volunteer Fire Department/Gary Ray Community Center, located at 6583 Old Hwy. 421 South in Deep Gap.

The June meeting will not be held in lieu of the club’s annual steak dinner/fundraiser on June 9 at Watauga High School. Tickets must be purchased in advance and may be obtained by contacting one of the club members.