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UPDATE ON ROUND ONE: Boone Leads Ocala in ‘Best Towns’ Competition, Voting Continues


Don’t forget that you can vote for Boone once each day at www.outsideonline.com/vote.

This week completes the first round of the bracket-style voting tournament. As long as it earns more votes than Ocala, Florida by the end of voting tonight, Boone will take on a new challenger in the second round starting tomorrow.

Don’t forget to encourage your friends and neighbors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to vote for Boone using hashtags #BooneNC and #BestTowns2015.

Here’s an update on the results as of 4:30 p.m.:




Don’t forget to vote for Boone as the “Best Town” in America!

Online voting is officially underway for Outside Magazine‘s Best Towns 2015 competition. Boone needs your help to win the top spot and a feature story in an upcoming issue of Outside.


Boone takes on Ocala, Florida in the first week of the bracket-style tournament. You can vote once each day at Outside online and get an update on the results.

Remember to post your favorite photos of the High Country on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using hashtags #BooneNC and #BestTowns2015 to let people know why you love Boone and encourage them to vote.


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