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Representative Virginia Foxx Releases Statement Concerning Her Vote Against Rep. Liz Cheney

Today, Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) delivered the following statement, as prepared for delivery, at the House Republican Conference meeting:

“It is important to set the record straight.  My resolution and what I think the result of this resolution will be has nothing to do with any Member’s right to free speech or to vote her or his conscience.  It has everything to do with leadership.  My belief is that the result of my resolution will show that the conference has lost its confidence in your leadership, Liz.

Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC)

“As the old saying goes: “She who thinks she leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.”  Liz, I’m afraid you’re a woman who is only taking a walk right now. You have lost your followers.

“We have always had space for diverse views in this conference and many here can testify to that, but for us to be a majority we must come together and agree on a course of action.  Once we do so, all of us, and our leaders most of all, must work together towards that goal.  Our conference’s main goal now is fighting for sound, conservative policies that will resonate and regain the majority in 2022.  It’s grounded in the fact that our vision for this country is fundamentally and undeniably better than what Speaker Pelosi is offering our country. Unfortunately, we have been distracted from that goal by your continued statements sowing confusion with the public on our message and agenda.

“Therefore, it appears to me and to most others here that you should no longer represent us as conference chair. With that, I urge support of my resolution to recall the Conference Chair.”