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Rep. Jonathan Jordan: House Stands Up For Limited Government, Private Property Rights


Release from Rep. Jonathan Jordan’s office:

Jonathan Jordan
Jonathan Jordan

This week, the House of Representatives passed, in a vote of 98-17, SB-25: Zoning/Design & Aesthetic Controls which limits when a county or municipality may enact zoning ordinances to control design and aesthetics of private property. The bill, that passed the Senate on April 27, now heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.

“As a primary sponsor of H36, the House companion bill to S25, I can unequivocally state that the bill does not take away anything from local government. It protects our constituent homeowners because the local governments who were engaged in these appearance restrictions never had the authority in the first place,” stated Representative Jonathan Jordan. “The answer to those who claim their local communities are different and need these restrictions is for those communities to approach their legislative delegations and request a local bill. This allows the local government to make its case for building restrictions based on appearances and looks versus safety and structure.”

“This bill is a triumph for property owners of all shapes and sizes, and affirms the General Assembly’s conservative commitment to stand up for limited government,” Speaker Moore (R-Cleveland) stated on Tuesday.