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Recess “Easy Does It” at Beech Mountain a Major Success

Recess hosted a boisterous event at Beech Mountain on Mar. 4 called “Easy Does It” where the focus was on having fun, rather than competing with one another for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

“While those are great and all, at some point the kids just have to get out there and rip with each other,” J.P., the owner of Recess, said, “and enjoy snowboarding for what it is.”

Recess wanted to have an event where the people in the High Country, regardless of age or experience and skill level, could come out and just have a great time shredding it on the slopes. And that’s just what happened!

The Beech Mountain Park Crew made it all possible by putting up the most impressive setups of the year with transitions, creativity and air time that allowed Recess to come out and provide the most fun day on the slopes as possible. 

The entire day was full of fun, tricks, tweaks, grabs, hot dogs, style and much more! Thanks to the fact that the contest pressure was out the window, all the boarders, whether beginner or advanced, in the community were able to come out and thrash around on the slopes while feeding off of each other’s good vibes. 

“At the end various awards were given out,” J.P. said, “and the down hill foot race for scattered prizes was all time carnage.”

Big thanks to Recess Skate and Snow, Beech Mountain Resort, Capita, Union, Coal, Crab Grab, ThirtyTwo, Dakine, Stance and Smith.

MOST CREATIVE: Reilly Tardiff
BEST SLAM: Brantley Mullins
STANDOUT: Matt Sutton
MOST STOKED: Anthony Brown
BEST GRAB: Jack Reid
THE SICKEST: Preston Cogdill
BEAST MODE: Gus Gordon
CASHME OUSSIDE: Ashley Galleher
Photo by Kyle Beckmann:

Brantley Mullins and Ashley Gallaher pose with their awards “Best Slam” and “CashMe Ousside.”
At the end of the day, various awards were given out to some of the participants in the event.
Jack Reid holds his award “Best Grab” in one hand and his food in the other.
JK Mullins holds his “Most Upside Down” award with pride.
Reilly Tardiff was awarded the “Most Creative” at the end of the event.
Will Vear won the “Style Matters” award at the end of the day.

Shredding the slopes and having fun was the main focus of “Easy Does It.”

Hot dogs were a major component of the event.

The downhill foot race for scattered prizes was intense chaos that added to the fun of the day.

“Easy Does It” was all about coming together, having a great time doing what everyone loves and vibing off of each other’s positivity and fun.