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Recent Temps in the 40’s in Mid July, Enjoy Thursday’s Sunshine Because It’s Rain, Rain, Rain Thereafter

By Jesse Wood

July 17, 2014. Is it late September or mid July? Because the past few evenings and mornings you wouldn’t have been able tell from stepping out your front door. It’s been darn right chilly for the peak of summer.

“You have to check the calendar date this morning… Lots of folks are waking up to 40s. 47 degrees in Banner Elk and Beach Mountain was the coolest temperature I can find locally. July 17? Really?” noted RaysWeather.com in its Thursday’s forecast discussion.

Now that’s out of the way, we all might as well enjoy Thursday’s sunshine. It’s a five-golf ball day full of lots of sunshine with a few clouds, according to RaysWeather.com.

That nice weather won’t last very long, though, because nothing but rain dots the forecast in the days ahead.

“Take pictures of the sun, because you will not see much of it for the following 6-7 days. By the middle of next week, you’ll show the pictures to your friends and say “Remember when…”RaysWeather.com quipped. “After [Thursday], it’s cool, clouds, fog, and showers for several days.

Check out a more detailed forecast at RaysWeather.com.