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Reaction from McCrory – Cooper Debate


Compiled by Jesse Wood

Gov. Pat McCrory and his gubernatorial-challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper partook in another debate four weeks before Election Day on Tuesday evening. Watch the video above and read some of the reaction below. Also, see WRAL’s take on the “traded jabs.” 

NCGOP: McCrory Wins By a Landslide—Shows Leadership, Common Sense & Fortitude

unnamedThe following statement was released by the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) Chair Robin Hayesin response to the North Carolina Gubernatorial debate:

“Despite the poor national economic recovery, Governor McCrory has guided North Carolina to record growth and continues to steer North Carolina in the right direction. He is a champion for families across the state recovering from the failed Democratic policies that held them down before Republicans took over. On the other hand, Attorney General Roy Cooper showcased his failed liberal agenda adhering to policies that neglected our teachers, destroyed our economy, and raided the wallets of taxpayers.

“Cooper behaved as usual, providing no explanation for his mismanagement of the crime lab or his full throttled support of Hillary Clinton. He also dodged questions concerning the shocking revelation that he has been actively working to deplete the state’s rainy day fund to pay for his liberal pet projects. If it were up to Cooper we would have no money to pay for the storm relief. Governor McCrory demonstrated why he is the leader for North Carolina’s future, presenting a strong, responsible path to prosperity that has, and will continue, to benefit all of North Carolina’s hardworking taxpayers.”

Cooper Clear Winner Of Second Debate

unnamed-1Cooper for North Carolina campaign manager Trey Nix released the following statement on today’s debate:

“Attorney General Cooper was the clear winner tonight as he made the case that Governor McCrory doesn’t have the right priorities for North Carolina. Instead of improving our schools and fighting for jobs, the Governor has focused on his partisan, political agenda. He cost our state thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars with House Bill 2 and refuses to take responsibility for the bad bill he signed into law. And he’s one of the few Republican leaders left standing by Donald Trump.

“We need a governor with the right priorities. Roy Cooper will be a jobs governor, not a HB2 governor.”

Progress NC Action:
McCrory called Donald Trump a “role model”

RALEIGH — Progress NC Action released the following statement in response to Tuesday’s debate between Gov. Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper:

“Gov. McCrory not only refused to disavow his support for Donald Trump, but he actually said he considers Trump a role model — even after Trump bragged about using his power to sexually assault women,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “If Gov. McCrory truly cares about the safety of women and girls in North Carolina, he should show it by withdrawing his support for Trump instead of using the LGBT community as a political punching bag. McCrory’s hypocrisy simply shows his choices are based on politics, not principle.”

McCrory Campaign: Roy Cooper Lies To The People Of North Carolina In First Televised Debate

After the first televised live debate, the McCrory campaign released the following statement:
”Tonight, Roy Cooper looked the people of North Carolina in the eye and lied, time and time again,” said Pat McCrory campaign manager Russell Peck. “If Roy Cooper can’t tell the people of North Carolina the truth in a debate, how can he be trusted to do the job as governor? From the rainy day fund to taxes, from education to the economy, Governor McCrory spoke the truth about the progress made in the past three years to rebuild North Carolina.”

Roy Cooper, in the ‘Lie Of The Night,’ falsely claimed that the state is using disaster relief funds for legal expenses. Watch: