RaysWeather.com’s 2017 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Hitting Shelves, Shipping This Week

Published Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 2:35 pm



By Jesse Wood

Just in time for the fall equinox, RaysWeather.com’s popular Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar for 2017 is hitting stores and shipping to customers this week.

The 2017 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar features 50 photos depicting the 469-mile highway, an iconic stretch of road that begins near Waynesboro, Virginia and ends near Cherokee, N.C. As a bonus, the calendar features pages for November and December, which will be here in no time.

Each year, RaysWeather.com holds a photo contest to decide which images to choose. This past spring, more than 14,000 people cast votes on the 645 entries to be considered in the 2017 calendar.

Kathryn Greven was awarded the cover and the grand prize for her shot of the Milky Way. Ray Russell of of RaysWeather.com said that the long exposure images like the cover shot and an aerial photo taken in the fall by Jordan Nelson are examples of what’s unique in this year’s calendar over the past.

“We try not to do the stock images you see from the same places all the time on the Blue Ridge Parkway,” Russell said, adding that if they select an image depicting a standard scene they’ll look for refreshing take.

A description of the calendar states that its “stunning photography from often missed ‘nooks and crannies’ of the Parkway, [offer] unique perspectives of your favorite vistas, but also many of your favorite classic scenes.”

The calendar also includes a map of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a historic chronology of the Blue Ridge Parkway and information about the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, a nonprofit that works on behalf of the national treasure.

Order your calendar by clicking here. To see a list of stores, check back to the previous embedded link.

Below are the images representing the 12 months and additional November and December month.


Jim Magruder

Photo by Jim Magruder


Photo by Mackenzie King

Photo by Mackenzie King


Photo by Mike Jones

Photo by Mike Jones


Photo by Maria Jaeger

Photo by Maria Jaeger


Photo by Nicole Micheli

Photo by Nicole Micheli


Photo by Jason Penland

Photo by Jason Penland


Roger Gupta

Photo by Roger Gupta


Johnny York

Photo by Johnny York


Randy F. Bennett

Photo by Randy F. Bennett


Jordan Nelson

Photo by Jordan Nelson


Lisa Wilmoth

Photo by Lisa Wilmoth


Brenda Combs

Photo by Mike Duncan


Patricia Joynes

Patricia Joynes


Brenda Combs

Brenda Combs

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