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RaysWeather.com: Boone Sees 12th Snowiest Start on Record (Since 1929) While Beech Sees Snowiest Start (1992)

RaysWeather.com produced this graphic.
RaysWeather.com produced this graphic.

By Jesse Wood

Dec. 2, 2014. Snowvember was a buzzword last month and rightfully so. Boone residents saw double the amount of snow before December than they usually do by this time of year.

According to RaysWeather.com, 2014 was the “12th snowiest start to the season” since record keeping began in 1929 and the second snowiest October/November since 1975.

Boone had 5.9 inches of snow before Dec. 1. This compares to the top three snowiest starts on record: 17.5 inches in 1968; 10.7 inches in 1930; and 10 inches in 1950.

RaysWeather.com notes that average snowfall before Dec. 1 is 2.6 inches in Boone.

RaysWeather.com also mapped out snow totals atop Beech Mountain, which received the snowiest start on record with 21.7 inches of snow. However, records only go back to 1992.

In 2008, Beech Mountain received 16.1 inches of snow, and in 2012, the village received 14.5 inches of snow.

While Boone received double the average snowfall, Beech Mountain just about quadrupled its average snowfall on record.

As for more snow, it isn’t in the immediate forecast.

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