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Racing Activities at Mountain View Speedway During Fair, BOA Case Continues Aug. 23

The demolition derby took place at the Mountain View Speedway in conjunction with the Watauga County Fair at the High Country Fairgrounds. Photo by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

The Mountain View Speedway’s been hosting racing activities during the Watauga County Fair at the High Country Fairgrounds.

Last night, the Mountain View Speedway held a demolition derby and a 100-lap barrel race. Tonight, the Mountain View Speedway is running some of its regular divisions like the Outlaw 4, Modify 8, a Powder Puff Ladies Race and Figure 8 – unless it rains and those races will be postponed until Saturday.

Tomorrow, three of Mountain View Speedway’s top divisions will be running, including the Stock 4 and Stock 8. Kiddie and spectator rides will take place as well, and the Carolina Garden Tractor Pullers – featuring about 30 or 40 tractors – will open the fair at noon on Saturday, according to Mike Budka of the Mountain View Speedway.

The Nationwide Simulator for Dale Earnhardt Jr. will also be at the Watauga County Fair on Friday and Saturday. There will also be a dunk tank at the fair and Budka is scheduled to be dunked.

“There will probably be a line all the way out to 421,” Budka joked.

He was referring to the dispute with the Town of Boone over the legality of the Mountain View Speedway.

Conflict between the Mountain View Speedway and nearby residents began last year, when the Mountain View Speedway opened back up at the High Country Fairgrounds off of Roby Greene Road after a 17-year hiatus.

Prior to opening, Boone Planning Director Bill Bailey told a raceway promoter – the one prior to Mike Budka taking over – that racing was a grandfathered use in the fairgrounds, which is located in the town’s ETJ. But earlier this year, Bailey reversed his position. Read a more complete timeline on the conflict here.

Currently, the Mountain View Speedway operators and the High Country Fairgrounds owners are appealing the Town of Boone’s notice of violation that was issued a little after Bailey’s reversal with the Boone Board of Adjustment.

The next BOA hearing date is set for Aug. 23 at 6 p.m. with Aug. 30 and Aug. 31 dates also scheduled if needed. In July, the Town of Boone dismissed its civil suit to enforce the violation that it filed against the speedway as a cost-saving maneuver while the Boone Board of Adjustment case is still ongoing.

Racing continues during the challenge.

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