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Race Results & Team Standings from Fourth Week of SMARL’s 2021 Season – February 1, 2021

By Harley Nefe 

The fourth week of the 2021 Sugar Mountain Adult Racing League season is in the books, despite the weather being chilly with some wind.

These conditions made the course on Oma’s Meadow slope fast; however, as Matt Leonard of Ski Country Sports said, the skiers and snowboarders are used to it, and there was still a good turnout at the race.

The fastest skier in week four was Andrew Jochl receiving a time of 31.45 seconds on his first run. The fastest snowboarder of the night was Erich Schmidinger with a time of 38.54 seconds also on his first run.

In regards to the current team standings, for skiing, Team Sugar is holding first place with 75 points. Ski Country A is not far behind holding second place with 72 points. 

For snowboarding, there is a tie for first place. Edge of the Squirrel and The Lodge both have 58 points, and then Schooch Legs is in third place with 47 points.

There are just two weeks of racing left before a champion is crowned.

The rest of the results and team standings after the fourth week of racing can be found below. To see the race results from the third week, click here: https://www.hcpress.com/news/race-results-team-standings-from-third-week-of-smarls-2021-season-january-25th.html


Team Standings

Team Sugar 75
Ski Country A 72
Banner Eljk Cafe 53
Good Ole Boys 50

Edge of the Squirrel  58
The Lodge 58
Schooch Legs  47
Team Southeast 38
Ski Country D 26