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Race Results & Team Standings from Fifth Week of SMARL’s 2021 Season – February 8, 2021

By Harley Nefe

The fifth week of the 2021 Sugar Mountain Adult Racing League presented itself as another good night of racing.

Matt Leonard of Ski Country Sports said the weather was great, and the snow and course conditions on Oma’s Meadow were good.

Leonard added that a lot of people stayed after the race to continue skiing. 

There is only one week left in the Sugar Mountain Adult Racing League, and it will all come down to next week’s race to decide who takes home first place in the standings. 

In regards to the current team standings, for skiing, Team Sugar holds a slim 94-92 lead over Ski Country A. Then Banner Eljk Cafe is in third with 71 points. 

For snowboarding, right now, there is a tie for first place. Edge of the Squirrel and The Lodge both have 74 points, and then Schooch Legs is following with 61 points.

Andrew Jochl once again had the fastest skiing time of 30.92 seconds on his second run. Erich Schmidinger had the best snowboarding time, crossing the finish line in 36.73 seconds on his first run.

The rest of the results and team standings after the fifth week of racing can be found below. 

To see the race results from the fourth week, click here: https://www.hcpress.com/news/race-results-team-standings-from-third-week-of-smarls-2021-season-february-1-2021.html


Team Standings

Team Sugar 94
Ski Country A 92
Banner Eljk Cafe 71
Good Ole Boys 64

Edge of the Squirrel  74
The Lodge 74
Schooch Legs  61
Team Southeast 44
Ski Country D 32