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Quiet Givers Organizes Fundraiser for Family of George and Michelle Ligon

Quiet Givers is organizing a fundraiser for the family of George and Michelle  Ligon, who passed away in the tragic shootings on April 28. 

“George and Michelle were longtime supporters of our organization,” said Executive Director  Matthew Lucas, “and this is our way of giving back to them by supporting their family during  this difficult time.” 

All funds raised during this fundraiser will be given to their family to help cover funeral costs,  time off from work, and other unexpected expenses they may encounter.  

“She was a quiet, fierce, brilliant soul that gave so much more to this community than  anyone really realizes.” Said Quiet Givers treasurer, Amber Robinson. “She was so graciously  helpful.” 

While Quiet Givers fundraisers are usually anonymous, the organization felt that the magnitude of this tragedy warranted a unique approach to help the families of the victims. As always, donors’ names will remain confidential.  

“Michelle was our very first monthly recurring donor; she’s been there for us since the very  beginning,” Lucas said. “Whenever we needed someone to test out new features on our  website or social media – Michelle was our go-to, helping us make sure everything was  running smoothly before passing them on to the public. And there was rarely a need that we  posted that George wouldn’t swoop in and top off to make sure it got filled.” 

Donations to the Ligon/Barnes family can be made at Quiet Givers’ website by visiting  https://quietgivers.org/needs/113.  

Quiet Givers is a 501(c) 3 organization serving the people of Watauga, Ashe, and Avery  counties, encouraging the act of anonymous giving to help fill needs that other organizations are unable to fill. It was incorporated in 2015.