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Public Announcement: Boone Town Council Member Not Involved in Local DWI, Inaccurate Address

In this week’s crime reports, an address associated with a male suspect, 63, who was charged with left of center and DWI – alcohol and/or drugs was incorrect.

The address used for the male suspect under the charges listed above is the address of Boone Town Council member, Charlotte Mizelle. However, neither Mizelle nor anyone connected with her were involved in either the left of center or DWI charges.

The actual suspect was located in a vacant lot near Mizelle’s house, and the closest address to be used for the report was on Mizelle’s mailbox. However, the suspect charged has no connection or involvement with Mizelle or her address. Mizelle and her neighbors do not know who the suspect is, but Mizelle assures the community that neither she, nor her husband, were involved in the crime.