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Procession Guides Major Ryan David’s Body through Boone to Funeral; Burial in Blowing Rock

By Ethan Woodhouse

July 14, 2012. Servicemen, family, friends and various onlookers lined Rivers Street and Holmes Drive as the funeral procession guiding fallen airmen Major Ryan David’s body arrived at the Holmes Convocation Center for his funeral this afternoon.

The Caisson Unit, driven by four black stallions and seven N.C. Highway Patrol Officers, carried David’s casket and about 50 Air National Guardsmen marched behindas mourners gave their final respects to the Boone native. 

As the procession reached the Convocation Center at approximately 1:35 p.m., a light drizzle fittingly fell as six guardsmen lowered the casket and carried it into the Convocation Center for funeral services. Friends and family of David followed the group inside.

Following the funeral, David’s body will be taken to Woodlawn Cemetary in Blowing Rock for final burial. 

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