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Preliminary Lab Results of Letter and White Powder Sent To Samaritan’s Purse on Friday Came Back Negative

By Jesse Wood

Feb. 2, 2015. Preliminary lab test results of the white-powdery substance that was mailed to Samaritan’s Purse on Friday are negative, according to a statement from the FBI Charlotte Division late Monday.

Now, the question is who sent it.

“The FBI is working with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to determine who sent the letter and why.  No other details can be discussed at this time due to the ongoing investigation,” according to the statement. “While the vast majority of white-powder letters are determined to be hoaxes, it is still a serious crime.  The response to hoax white powder letters uses law enforcement resources that could be utilized for investigation and other emergency response matters.”

On Friday, local, state and federal investigators and hazardous materials units were on the scene at the Samaritan’s Purse headquarters in Boone. The FBI said the letter and its contents were sent to the N.C. Laboratory of Public Health in Raleigh on Friday.

The statement noted that law enforcement agencies, first responders, county and state public health workers and others directly involved in the incident were notified of the negative test results.

WBTV reported that one person, who is expected to be fine, was exposed to the undisclosed substance in the package.