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Podcast + Inspirational Poster, Collide for Good = Fruit for Families for Casting Bread Pantry

Most people listen to podcasts to be entertained, inspired or educated. The podcast your Boone neighbor, Sarah Holmes, fits into her busy schedule is called “The Daily,” hosted by New York Times political journalist Michael Barbaro.    

On Nov. 25, 2020, Sarah listened to the episode entitled “A Day at the Food Pantry” which addressed the current reality of food pantries across the country. She learned how the need continues to increase while the number of service providers shrinks nationwide. What really caught Sarah’s attention was the host’s interview with a 32-year-old mother named Natasha who visited a New York food pantry for the first time in September after losing her job due to the pandemic. Natasha mentioned how much she missed being able to provide fruit, especially cantaloupe, for her kids. For weeks, Sarah could not stop thinking about that interview.

Thirty years prior, Sarah’s personal ethos was shaped by an inspirational poster she saw on a co-worker’s wall with the statement, “A good idea is nothing but a fantasy without action.” Soon after Sarah heard the November podcast, she was reminded of that message and decided to take action. She committed to spend $20.00 a week on fruit and deliver it to Casting Bread. She took it a step further and set up a GoFundMe page to encourage others to help provide fruit for families. With the donations she has received from family and friends, she has more than doubled the amount of food she donates each week to Casting Bread.

Casting Bread’s Executive Director Sam Garrett met Sarah in late January as she and her husband delivered grapes on a chilly Tuesday afternoon. “Sarah is truly putting inspiration to work,” reflects Garrett. “It is amazing how much impact people can have when they decide to act.” According to Garrett, the podcast was correct. “Fruit is a huge need and an item that families miss receiving.” You can read more about Sarah’s giving story by visiting gofundme.com and searching “Fruit for Families by Sarah Holmes.”


Casting Bread is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006. Casting Bread’s vision is to increase food security with a mission to provide food, compassion, and community. On average, Casting Bread distributes over 19,000 pounds of food monthly to 640 individuals, and it all takes place thanks to volunteers who serve more than 2,000 hours a month. To learn more about Casting Bread, visit www.increasefoodsecurity.org.