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Photos: Second Annual Boone Heritage Festival

Photos by Jesse Wood

Oct. 15, 2012. The second annual Boone Heritage Festival took place on Saturday to celebrate the heritage of the High Country. The Watauga County Farmers’ Market and the Town of Boone’s sixth annual “Fun in the Park Day” at the Jaycee Park also took place in the vicinity of the festival. With the multiple events happening at the same time, folks were able to do runs some errands at the market, let the kids play in the park and enjoy some of the traditions on display at the Boone Heritage Festival. Check out some photos of the events below.

A crowd looks on as Lonnie Ward and Trevor McKenzie play some old-time music at the second annual Boone Heritage Festival.

Alpacas from the Apple Hill Farm

A blacksmith demonstration


Rick Ward performs some of the old Beech Mountain tunes at the Boone Heritage Festival. He is also an accomplished instrument builder.

The festival grounds were packed with people.


Charlie Glenn and his wife perform some of the old-time songs.


Charlie Glenn plays the dulcimer and Glen Bolick is on guitar. Glenn built both of the instruments.


Always a crowd pleaser, Orville Hicks spun some of his famous tales at the Boone Heritage Festival.


The Watauga County Farmers’ Market was next door from the festival.


The Town of Boone hosted its Fun in the Park Day at Jaycees Park, which was nearby the Boone Heritage Festival.