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Photos, Race Results & Team Standings from 3rd Week of SMARL’s 2018 Season

The third race of the 2018 Sugar Mountain Adult Race League (SMARL) took place Monday night at Sugar Mountain Resort. SMARL takes place on six Mondays in January and February, is now in its 12th year as an after-work, “beer league” for local skiers and snowboarders in the High Country.

SMARL is sponsor by Sugar Mountain Resort and Ski Country Sports.

There are 12 teams participating this year; 8 teams comprised of skiers and 4 teams made up of snowboarders. Each team member gets two runs on the course with their fastest time determining their score according to an age handicap system. The top four finishers of each team helps determine the teams overall score and determines weekly standings and ultimately the overall winner at the end of the season.

Monday night’s race saw Andrew Jochl post the fastest skiing time at 27.63 seconds on his second run. For the snowboarders, Austin Burr posted the fastest time of 35.28 seconds on his second run.

After this third race, Team Sugar is in first place in the ski division and Skootch Legs has moved ahead Edge of the World for first in the snowboard category.