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Photos of the Eustace Conway and Turtle Island Preserve Demonstration Near Watauga County Courthouse

By Jesse Wood

April 23, 2013. Supporters of Eustace Conway and Turtle Island Preserve held a demonstration rally near the Watauga County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon. 

The demonstration was organized by ASU Young Americans for Liberty and is part of a larger 24-hour stand-in at Sanford Mall on the campus of ASU to bring awareness to Turtle Island Preserve’s closure due to violating building and health inspections. The stand-in started at 9 a.m. this morning. At about 2 p.m., the group marched downtown to protest in front of the local health department and the Watauga County Planning & Inspections offices. 

As the group stood at the stoop adjacent to the courthouse, Conway talked to his supporters, many of which were holding signs, for example, that said, “Loss of Property Rights = Tyranny,”No Victim, No Crime,” “Free Turtle Island,” and “Your Property, Your Discretion.” 

Desiree Anderson, an assistant at Turtle Island Preserve, said that the group demonstrating didn’t just include students. She said it consisted of same families with children, and even some folks who travelled from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to show their support. She even said that when the group walked by  the office of WCP&I Director Joe Furman, he smiled and waved.

For much more background on Eustace Conway and the predicament Turtle Island Preserve faces, click here: https://www.hcpress.com/tag/eustace-conway-and-the-battle-at-turtle-island


Photo by Jesse Wood


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Photo by Jesse Wood


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Photo by Jesse Wood


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Photo by Jesse Wood


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Photo by Jesse Wood

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