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Photos: Another Great Turnout for the K-9 Keg Pull for Partners! Canines at High Country Taproom

By Jess Kleean

On Jan. 21, the High Country community and many of their four-legged friends gathered at High Country Taproom and Dog Bar for the Second Annual K-9 Keg Pull for a day full of fun, entertainment and of course, great food and drinks. This event benefited Partners! Canines, a non-profit organization centered around ending euthanasia of adoptable dogs and puppies in the high country, and was a huge success.

“Turnout was up from last year and certainly will expand through the years,” said Cathy Johnson of Mountain Dog store in Foscoe, a major event sponsor. “Last year, Partners! Canine saved more than 1,600 dogs from being euthanized.  This event and others are important events needed to help ensure Partners! Canines’ future.”  

Last year, Partners! Canines saved close to 1,500 dogs and saved around 10,000 lives in the past 10 years, largely thanks to donations from the local community and events just like this one. This year, Partners! Canines were ecstatic to announce that $2,700 was raised, translating to saving 54 dogs in the High Country and covering their various vet and transportation fees. But the impact didn’t stop there, as Jessica Bryant, President of Partners! Canines stated: “Along with fundraising, the most important thing for an organization like this one is raising awareness in the community, and with events like this one, we as an organization, can show everyone really who we are, what we do and why we care.”

Overall, the day was a huge success, but no people were more excited than Eva Hyatt, Director of Partners! Canines and Lynn Smith, owner of High Country Tap Room and Dog Bar and creator of the event. Eva stated: “I need to thank all of the incredible volunteers that dedicated their time, all of the sponsors that supported us, the community that rallied around such a fantastic cause, and even Mother Nature, who held off the rain until the very last race!”

Some of the award-winners included:

Youngest – Millie, 3 1/2 months old, who was adopted at the event

Oldest – 12 years old, Siberian Husky

Slowest – Addie, 32 seconds (she socialized her way down the route)

Fastest- Hercules, Doberman, 4 seconds.

Photos by Ken Ketchie