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Photographer Todd Bush Gives Update on Comet NEOWISE Now Becoming Visible at Sunset

NEOWISE comet over Linville Gorge taken on Sunday morning. At the bottom left corner is a campfire beside a cliff. Other things visible in this photo include Sitting Bear and Hawksbill Mountains, Venus and the Pleiades.
NEOWISE comet over Grandfather Mountain taken Monday morning.

By Nathan Ham

Comet NEOWISE is making itself visible even more over the past few days. The comet is now visible near sunset hours, according to photographer Todd Bush who has been sending us some terrific photos of NEOWISE as it scoots through the air. 

“The comet is now also an evening object, appearing higher while setting each night in the Northwest sky. Look near the horizon as it gets dark,” said Bush. “The next couple of nights will be tricky but by the 17th it will be higher enough and should be easier to spot.”

Bush’s photography of NEOWISE was also featured on a WBTV video segment from John Carter after his early morning photographs of the comet flying high over Grandfather Mountain. 

According to scientists, the next 10 days will include some of the best viewing points, both around sunset and again during the morning hours. The comet will stick around through mid-August but the view will slowly diminish to the point where you will not be able to see it without a telescope. NEOWISE will not make a return to earth for approximately 6,800 years. 

NEOWISE was first discovered on March 27 and scientists have estimated that the comet is three miles across and is also estimated to be well over four billion years old. 

According to EarthSky, NEOWISE will be at its closest point to Earth on July 22-23 when it will pass 64 million miles from our planet. 

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