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Photographer Todd Bush Captures Dark Sky Milky Way, Summer Streaker With Green Tail Sunday Night

By Jesse Wood

July 29, 2013. Local photographer Todd Bush captured a “summer streaker” with a green tail on Sunday night.

Along with the meteor, Bush caught the dark sky Milky Way just before midnight from Banner Elk looking south, overhead towards our home galaxy’s center. 

Bush said three meteor showers are listed near its peak around the world at this time, and he believed he captured the Southern Delta Aquariid meteor. He added that the Perseids, which he described as the best show of summer, are due to peak on August 13. 

“So folks should be watching for those for the next couple weeks,” Bush said in an email. “Not sure which shower this streaker was from or if it was a stray, but it was a whopper as this image was made with a fisheye lens and all but the biggest meteors usually look unimpressive with it. Note the green in the tail.”

Photo by Todd Bush